Scientists have picked up a radio signal 'heartbeat' billions of light-years away

From MIT, NASA and NPR, we're extremely excited about these developements in deep space:

"Astronomers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have picked up repetitive radio signals from a galaxy billions of light-years from Earth.

Scientists have not been able to pinpoint the exact location of the radio waves yet, but suspect the source could be neutron stars, which are made from collapsed cores of giant stars.

MilliBox with Anritsu ShockLine VNA

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MilliBox is an affordable, modular, flexible mmwave antenna test system, which can be set easily to measure phased array radiation pattern. Paired here with a modular Anritsu ShockLine VNA, this allows efficient broadband measurements of a passive antenna array. MilliBox mmWave Antenna Test System consists of a mmWave compact anechoic chamber and 3D antenna positioner product line. Those products are highly effective for mmWave phase array antenna and RF system designers in 5G, 6G, 60GHz, millimeter wave radar, automotive radar, 77GHz, 81GHz, suitable for individual daily usage.

Announcing our newest supplier - Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

QuantumFlow is glad to announce our newest supplier for 2021 - Carlisle Interconnect Technologies. We are very familiar with CIT and their vast portfolio of interconnect solutions, and will be representing their family of products in the Southern California territory where there is high demand for Aerospace, Defense, Test & Measurement, and Commercial applications requiring high-performing interconnect solutions.

Overview on quantum initiatives worldwide

From quantum resources:

Over the last years there has been an exponential increase on investment in quantum technologies worldwide. The global effort for public funding has been boosted. It is an amazing and exciting time of innovation in this new second quantum revolution.

We have summarised the main programs and efforts around the world below. It is not a quantum race, it is a global ecosystem to develop the new quantum technology!