Defense Drone Problem

  • With an average flight time under 30 minutes, battery-powered drones and sUAS platforms cannot complete long and variable-duration missions

  • Battery limitations prevent drone support for missions involving ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), security, emergency response and tactical communications.

  • On-ground recharging results in long downtimes, a critical risk for safety-related missions.

Defense Drone Solution - AeroCharge Long-Range Wireless Power allows drones to fly CONTINUOUSLY

When integrated with a long-range wireless power system from AeroCharge, a battery-powered drone can fly autonomously for many hours without landing.


Inventory Tracking Problem

The ground transmitter uses RF power beaming to generate power and steer it to a device. The receiver collects the energy and powers the device while in operation.



AeroCharge wireless power transmission allows drones to fly out of range of the power beam and return for in-flight charging.


poor and outdated data

Line of sight is not needed to transmit and receive power. The beam can travel through plastic, glass, cardboard and other materials.