Overview on quantum initiatives worldwide

From quantum resources:

Over the last years there has been an exponential increase on investment in quantum technologies worldwide. The global effort for public funding has been boosted. It is an amazing and exciting time of innovation in this new second quantum revolution.

We have summarised the main programs and efforts around the world below. It is not a quantum race, it is a global ecosystem to develop the new quantum technology!

US National Quantum Initiative

From the late 1990s, several funded IC and defense-related programs were initiated by the US government to explore how quantum could aid US National Security [28].

The NQI (National Quantum Initiative Act) was introduced in 2018, with a five year budget of over $1.2 billion. This allows federal government bodies to accelerate the growth of quantum technologies by collaborating with academic institutions and private industry [5].

NQI funding will go to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), NSF (National Science Foundation), Multidisciplinary Centers for Quantum Research and Education, the Department of Energy Research and National Quantum Information Science Research Centers.

The National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee composed of 22 experts from industry, research and federal agencies will meet twice a year to discuss quantum activities  [29].