64 to 71 GHz Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

New from HXI Millimeter-Wave components - The HLNAV-609 Low Noise Amplifier covers the frequency range from 64 to 71 GHz. MMIC technology is employed for high reliability and repeatability. The amplifier package provides WR-15 waveguide interfaces in an in-line configuration using the standard UG-385/U flange. The amplifier can be used in receivers for communication and radar systems and also for amplification in test equipment. The LNA contains a voltage regulator and bias sequencing circuitry allowing the use of a single bias to power the amplifier.

Res-Net Microwave

We want to take a brief moment and reintroduce you to one of our suppliers and their 2017 catalog - for over 30 years, Res-Net Microwave has been delivering high performance RF/Microwave components for wireless communications, broadcast, medical, test and measurement equipement, and custom engineering solutions. Reliable and rugged products for mission-critical applications such as: radar, microwave radio, telemetry, aerospace, avionics, shipboard systems, EW, unamned vehicles, and electronic counter measures.