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New M9500-FL01 isolator, part of the microstrip ferrite line from Nova

From Nova:

The new M9500-FL01 isolator, part of the microstrip ferrite line, operates in X-band from 8.5GHz to 10.5GHz with 0.5dB of insertion
loss. This high-performance broadband isolator can dissipate 20W of continuous wave (CW) power.

Model M9500-FL01 is a high-performance isolator for use in commercial, military and numerous wireless applications. Our isolators are designed
with high quality materials for best performance and temperature stability over the operating temperature range.

MicroFab representation in SoCal and AZ

QuantumFlow is glad to announce our Southern California and Arizona representation of MicroFab - MicroFab, Inc. specializes in manufacturing thin film circuits and other thin-film products. Circuits can be manufactured to your drawing specifications, or a custom thin film circuit can be designed to your specifications. Ion beam etching technology provides a superior etching process over conventional chemical etching. With ion beam etching, there is no undercutting or cross-contamination, resulting in better overall RF circuit performance.

QuantumFlow at DesignCon 2020

The QuantumFlow team will be attending DesignCon in Silicon Valley on January 28th and 29th. Drop us a line if you plan to attend -

The electronics industry is shooting upwards like a rocket — the market for electrical systems will reach nearly $1,680 billion by the end of 2019 — but what's providing the fuel? And how can you reach new heights along with it?

DesignCon has the answers.

Ceramic Materials for 5G Wireless Communication Systems

From - 

In the world of wireless communication, 5G has become almost a popculture reference. It is a term frequently used to describe improved handsets, devices, and infrastructure enabling faster speeds and more bandwidth. This article presents a cursory overview of what 5G is, what are the technical pillars of 5G systems, and finally, the role ceramic materials will play in 5G technology.