New Rugged GPS & GLONASS Active L1 / L2 Patch Antenna for GNSS Applications

QuantumFlow is pleased to introduce the new SWA high-performance GPS & GLONASS Active L1/L2 patch antenna for high-accuracy location service, timing, and navigation applications!

Southwest Antennas part # 1065-042 covers both the L1 and L2 bands, supporting military, commercial, and industrial applications. For military users, this antenna supports the GPS P/Y code with +/- 20 MHz bandwidth allowing for increased accuracy, jam resistance, and encryption for authorized military applications.

The antenna’s built-in LNA and filters give it a total system active gain of +28 dB and out-of-band rejection of >50 dB (+50 MHz / -35 MHz of L1, +35 MHz / -45 MHz of L2), allowing the antenna to operate in contested and congested RF environments.

“Our goal is to empower radio operators who require high-accuracy GNSS solutions with more choices for deployment and mounting” said Benjamin Culver, president and co-owner of Southwest Antennas. “Adding onto our existing line of GPS antennas and gooseneck mounting options, users now have more freedom of choice in antenna placement to help overcome reception issues in challenging environments.”

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