Miniature Module ARINC 836A

The Miniature Module is a small form factor solution for mounting avionics. The solution enables quick and easy installation and replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) in the field. It consists of:

  • A tray that mounts to the aircraft
  • An enclosure to hold the electronics
  • A locking latch to allow quick and easy installation of the enclosure to the tray

Much like the ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 solutions in place today, this ARINC 836A-compliant design offers interchangeability between manufacturers and standard mounting provisions. It also:

  • Increases the number of installation locations available
  • Reduces installation time
  • Reduces maintenance cycles
  • All but eliminates the need for engineering surveys compared to custom installations
  • Allows multiple units to be stacked horizontally or vertically due to its modular design
  • Is available in double-width and double-height options