MilliBox unveils GIM04, next generation 3-Axis mmWave and THz antenna positioner at IMS2021

The latest from our mmWave test chamber supplier:

GIM04 is MilliBox’s latest generation of mmWave and THz positioners. It can control 3 axes of rotation in Elevation, Azimuth and Polarization from a single USB controller. Its construction allows GIM04 to adjust to various DUT form factors. GIM04 adds a new level of versatility for daily over-the-air measurements.

POLARIZATION CONTROL- GIM04 positioners support the new X-Pol platform system adding polarization as a 3rd axis to the device under test (DUT) control in addition to elevation and azimuth axes.

ROBUST AND ACCURATE- All gears in GIM04 are made of precision machined DelrinTM material for higher strength, precsion and long life span. GIM04 base motor has 20W of power with a step resolution of 0.002˚.

ADJUSTABLE PLATORM DEPTH- The DUT platform can be placed at 2 depth from rotation axis: This makes is easier to accommodate various DUT thickness and form factors.

MODULAR SIZE- GIM04 comes in 4 standard sizes all based on the same components. Upsizing and downsizing is possible as DUT requirements evolves over time.

CABLE ROUTING-To bring power, control or RF to the DUT efficiently, GIM04 provides pass-thru channels at the center of each rotation axis and numerous anchor points along the path. This way, no connectors or slip rings are needed from source to DUT.

OPEN FRAMEWORK- As with all our other positioners, GIM04 is controlled by a Python based software provide in source which allows easy integration with any instrument or DUT with several built-in capture modes in multiple dimensions.

Demonstration of GIM04, IMS2021 Booth 1528 and for more info reach out to