MicroFab representation in SoCal and AZ

QuantumFlow is glad to announce our Southern California and Arizona representation of MicroFab - MicroFab, Inc. specializes in manufacturing thin film circuits and other thin-film products. Circuits can be manufactured to your drawing specifications, or a custom thin film circuit can be designed to your specifications. Ion beam etching technology provides a superior etching process over conventional chemical etching. With ion beam etching, there is no undercutting or cross-contamination, resulting in better overall RF circuit performance.

Turn-key manufacturing services are also available -from your drawing specification or any intermediate manufacturing step (Mask Layout, Substrate, Laser Via-Holes, Metalization, Photolithography, Etching, Post-Laser Cut, Dicing, Packaging, and Inspection).

For more information, visit the following link: https://microfabnh.com/custom_thin_film/

MicroFab also manufactures spiral inductors, which are generally used for impedance matching for applications such as amplifiers and voltage controlled oscillators. They also custom design and manufacture inductors for specific applications.

Email hello@quantumflow.co for more info