CES 2018 - 5G, smart cities, AI, IoT amongst the featured topics


QuantumFlow has returned from another week of CES madness. Some of the notable topics featured and discussed - the global roll-out of 5G, smart cities impacting local societies, iterations of AI, and of course the buzzword that we've all been hearing more and more the last few years - IoT (Internet of Things).

We attended a panel (with Qualcomm, Baidu, Verizon) on 5G networks, and how it will be the (data) foundation for self-driving vehicles, breakthroughs in health care, formulating smart cities, and AR/VR applications for commercial and consumer use. The reality for when we'll actually start to have 5G speeds impact our technology is estimated for 2020, but several policies, term agreements, and laws need to rolled out worldwide beforehand.  

The newest dedictated program and exhibit featured "Smart Cities" where topics covered included AI, Data Analytics (check out a company by the name of HERE), energy and grids, governance and policy, healthcare, public safety, and transportaion. Smart cities will be intregral towards our daily lives and how we interact with our environments; we're keeping our eyes on this.

VR and AR are finally proving themselves in viable applications across several industries such as brand marketing, content production, healthcare, and sports technology. Read how Google and Apple are doing it here.

Finally, we can't work with technology and online services without hearing the term IoT in 2018. Many connected devices, automobiles, televisions, smart homes, and now cities will utilize an Internet of Things foundation. As data and internet speeds get faster, deployment of IoT platforms will become more common. Technocracy is upon us.