Anritsu VectorStar™ Integrates with MilliBox Chamber for Cost-effective High-frequency Antenna Test Solution

Morgan Hill, CA – Anritsu Company announces a collaborative agreement with Milliwave Silicon Solutions, Inc. whereby the VectorStar™ vector network analyzers (VNAs) are compatible with the MilliBox millimeter-wave (mmWave) anechoic chambers and positioners. With the agreement, the inherent advantages of the VectorStar platform and MilliBox chambers are consolidated for more efficient measurements on high-frequency passive antennas, including phase array.

Dedicated software allows the VectorStar VNA to easily and reliably integrate with the MilliBox mmWave anechoic chamber and positioners. The solution provides a cost-effective benchtop test system for high-frequency mmWave and E-band applications, including 5G, aerospace, and automotive radar. The size and cost benefits of the configuration make it well-suited for applications that can’t support large anechoic chambers, including education and R&D.

Due to the VectorStar’s best-in-class dynamic range, the integrated solution produces highly stable measurements. Additionally, the compact, high-frequency mmWave modules of the VectorStar further reduce the bench footprint of the system. The VectorStar premium VNA line provides the highest overall performance on a modern platform. It also offers the broadest frequency coverage in a single VNA.

MilliBox mmWave anechoic chambers are cost-effective test tools specially designed for mmWave over-the-air (OTA) measurements. The mini-chambers comfortably fit on a lab benchtop and are built of modular construction, allowing for several configurations to address differing needs with 70 cm to 200 cm far-field measurement positions. The price and size of MilliBox chambers make them optimal for real-life engineering work where daily iterations are needed. Several mmWave positioner versions are available to accommodate different DUT size and weight requirements.

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