Blockchains in Space: The Internet of Things Can Run on a LEO Satellite Network

From Medium:

Dr. Wei Songjie, Waltonchain’s Chief Blockchain Expert, has devised a way to implement a global anywhere-internet in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites with the help of blockchain technology in order to create a world hub for Internet of Things devices.

Right now, you connect to the Internet via wires, Fiber Optic cables, WiFi, or cell towers (eg. 4G). And then there’s the uncommon, less-than-satisfactory GEO satellite internet. GEO satellites, or Geosynchronous satellites, are satellites that have the same orbital period as Earth’s rotation period, that is, they’re in sync with Earth’s rotation so that they appear stationary in the sky. To achieve that, GEO satellites must be around 36000 km (~22000 miles) above sea level, and they must orbit near the equator to match Earth’s spin. Internet comes at a cost. The signals to and from the satellites must travel very far, and the consequences are frustrating: