Announcing the GIM03 - Mighty Gimbal

New from our friends at Milliwavess - the 3D Gimbal is at the center of all Millibox products. Wiring of the DUT is done with on axis pass-through channels to prevent tangling. The Device Under Test is mounted on the laser guided 3D gimbal rotating platform. The 3D gimbal is controlled over a simple USB connection with open source software (source provided) containing all the functions and API to run and plot a full spherical (or partial) radiation pattern graph up to 1 degree resolution (64000 points). The outcome of the plot is a Comma Separated Value.

Presales for the new “Mighty Gimbal” GIM03 are now available:

DUT capacity is 290mmm x 300mm x 100mm (WHT) up to 3kg (6lb)

It has 2 high torque synchronized motors one on each arm and 1 in the base. It works with the same SW and controller as GIM01

Send us a note if you would like more info - shipping Mid February.