All Aboard the Microlauncher!

From Space Tech Expo USA:

During our research, it became apparent that the microlauncher industry excites many. This soon-to-become-operational market will open up a new avenue for bringing satellites and other small spacecraft into orbit. This market will be able to widen the launch bottleneck and provide a fast launch service to the thousands of small satellites to be launched within the next decade

New Zealand launch manufacturer and service provider Rocket Lab was the first to launch in 2018, initiating a promising year for the small launch and the small satellite markets. Microlaunchers are regarded as more flexible, precise, and cheaper in bringing small satellites to the desired orbit. Until now, many small satellites shared an expensive, often backlogged, piggyback ride on a heavy launcher – not always resulting in the small satellite entering the desired orbit.

As this market opens up, many small launch vehicles are set to become operational between now and the end of the decade. Who are the new organizations entering the small launch market, what do their vehicles offer, and, most importantly, what will they cost? We have made a selection from the many organizations currently working towards a publicly announced deadline.